Friday, October 18, 2013


“Do you want to go on?” She choked her words.
He moves his head from right to left reluctantly. She could see in his eyes were red. Her heart yells, ‘I could still see the love you have for me in your eyes! Why, why do you want to keep holding onto her? Why?!’
But alas, those words just stuck in her head and all she could ask was just “Why…”
And his words were simple. Crystal clear. “Because my heart doesn’t belong to you anymore.” Those words were the one that cut her heart out and she was left unprotected. That is it. His heart doesn’t belong to her anymore and on that moment all his words, promises, I love you’s kept wandering in her mind, lost in despair. She doesn’t know how to react. She would be kneeling and begging his to stay, but she has her own ego and pride. She loved him truly, unconditionally and he betrayed it. He betrayed their love for a girl he just met. A girl he knew for just a few months? What had got him so into her? What made him hold onto her and betrayed their love after all the effort he had put to get her at the first place? What? Why? And all the questions knocked her so bad, so bad that it made her speechless. Left dumbfounded. But she gotta be strong, she can’t let him see her fall, after all…

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bona Fide

They say if you love two person at the same time, choose the second one. 
Why? Because if you truly love the first person, you won't fall for the second person.

    If you met the third person and you fell for them too, I believe it's either that person is your soulmate or just a god's test. Open up your eyes and be wise.

   Whenever I see a couple, I kept wondering, what do they see in each other? What kept them holding on? How? And why? What's the small voice asked them to do? Love is blind. Appearance didnt matter much, because I've seen couples - even they're not beautiful in the society's eyes or even mine but at least they have someone who sees them in another way, which made them look beautiful in their partner's eyes. Even they don't have the looks, but there is certainly someone who's willingly enough to make sacrifices for them. Someone who loves them truly, for who they are. Like a mother's love toward her child. That is what you call love.

"What if she's the one?"
"How to know?"
"You got to know, she's the one you think of, you care about, the one who you can't live without. You got to feel she's your soulmate. That's what they say, though."